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09/09/2016: After 20 Rejections

Having received 20 rejections for The Morning Light, I decided to split my book in half, separating out Jake’s story of his four years from the age of ten in a Japanese-run internment camp in Java in the Dutch East Indies during World War II from Sonia’s life growing up in Cape Town, South Africa during the apartheid years and in Southern Rhodesia during the Wind of Change.

I am currently extending Jake’s story to include his remaining teenage years in South Africa after the war. Putting Jake’s experiences under the shadow of his wartime memories in the context of beautiful Cape Town during the late 1940’s and early 1950’s is turning out to be quite an adventure. Although I know the vague outline of events based on my late husband’s revelations before he died, I can only guess at the details. As I write, ideas come alive on the pages almost as if I am the reader rather than the writer of the fictional novel. It is a truly amazing and satisfying experience.

When I have completed the rewrite of Jake’s story, I will also extend Sonia’s story to include her leaving Southern Rhodesia to return to Cape Town and the life of a student at the University of Cape Town with its political undertones that I left out in the original.

I now know that spltting the book in two is the right thing to do, even though it requires a lot more effort. I have high hopes that the new manuscripts will have more likelyhood of being published in their new formats.

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My novel is complete and now begins the search for a literary agent.

I hope to find an agent who recognises my book as worthy of being published. I will keep on trying to attract attention by matching my submission material to the preferences of each agent I contact. I will continue adjusting my materials until a reputable agent thinks my work is more than good enough for publication and choses me as a client.

I designed the image above from one of my favourite photos of the Kennebecasis River that I have not previously published. It seemed to match the pensive theme of enduring through challenging times. I have printed the image on a t-shirt to celebrate and advertise. Please feel free to download and use the image with the words for your own enjoyment and to show that you believe in me.

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